Company Founders

 Our company was founded in 2018 to create working places for different specialists on a remote basis. We began as a small company and continue as a big team of remote professionals only from Ukraine.

Niko Kar

You may never have hired a remote team. However, to achieve amazing results, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone.

Stanislav Dembovski

Remote team is a new way for saving time, improving your business, and getting successful results.

Managing Team

 Let us introduce you to a small part of the large Remote Helpers mechanism. We are very proud of the team we have created. It is a collaboration of talented people with multiple skills and experience who work remotely in fields of design, internet marketing, media campaigns, and sales services to bring you the best product possible. All of our employees have different skill levels and develop their knowledge within the company, so you can choose a more relevant one for your tasks. 

Julia Martyniv
Head of sales department

Every day we communicate with business owners from all over the world. We meet different people, characters, and cultures. So the language barrier is the least of your worries.

Kate Istomina
Head of finance department

Without a clear understanding of your goals, it is impossible to know if you have achieved them over time. All you need to succeed is to have a goal, and we will help you reach it.

Olha Zaitseva
Head of HR

Our staff is constantly growing. Every day I’m interviewing more than 20 candidates, and I can assure you that we choose only the best and worthy ones, without missing a single talent. You should see it yourself.


Our mission is to provide our clients with dedicated employees worldwide on a part-time or full-time basis remotely. We’re a goal-oriented company that builds long-term relationships with our clients. All of our candidates study our internal courses to improve their work in the future.


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remote work

Our values

Things that we consider fundamental in our work:

-Diversity – Talent does not discriminate. We are committed to hiring exceptionally dedicated employees from all over the world. 

-Efficiency – we analyze all actions and processes to optimize the work and provide the best results for our clients and our business.

-Teamwork & Collaboration – We work together – our team leads help employees, and employees cooperate with each other to make collective and informed decisions. This is what teamwork means to us. 

The Importance of Customer Values – We focus on what is important to you because customer values are one of the most important principles of our work. 

Dedication – our employees put the maximum of their efforts and passion into our work to bring you the best possible service.

Transparency – We do not keep secrets from our clients and remain open to dialogue and questions, and our team clearly works according to the specified parameters and conditions.


Satisfy your needs with help of dedicated ukrainian workers


Our team of remote managers turned to your project in solving organizational or other problems. 



In our company, you will find not only specialists of a narrow profile, but also representatives of a wide profile for the specifics of your project. 



We suggest going through a meeting before starting our work to determine your need more accurately and choose and communicate with candidates during interviews personally. 



The availability of our services lies not only in a democratic price but also in the possibility of making and working out decisions with senior management. 

Our credentials

Dedicated – We develop long-lasting relationships to support and develop your business and personal interests. 

Global – our employees work from different places and countries of the world. 

Insightful – members of our company study internal courses and pass exams to make sure they are qualified specialists


Some Photos from our office lifе

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