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Anastasiia Ni.

Lead generation manager

Most used skills and tools:
Data EntryData SearchCRM

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Hello, I’m Anastasiia. I’m 22 years old. I was born in Vinnytsia. But now I live in Kyiv. Previously I worked three jobs. The last one was an assistant of the vice-rector on International Cooperation at the National Aviation University. My basic duties were communication and appointment with international cooperation companies and universities, responding to incoming international letters regarding proposals for cooperation by email, managing base IT-level support to consumers of course ICAO. And I was working as an assistant translator and administrator of the cafe Fun Pizza. How do I handle difficult situations? The client phoned me later on Friday with an urgent question about the project status. But my boss had already left his job for the weekend. So I proposed to him my help with these questions. I provided him with the information he needed. He stayed satisfied with my answers. And detailed information he could wait till Monday. I use the computer every day. Half a day, exactly. I do my online courses here and go to my google classroom. My experience in my online work was in my previous work. I was writing emails to International Cooperation and universities with propositions of cooperation, having chatted with representatives of these universities and companies. Of course, I managed two pages on Instagram. I did content for them, and sometimes I did presentations for students. I like to go to sports, spend time with my family, draw some pictures, and watch some topics on Youtube. I’m proactive and organized. I love to do my work well, and the employer is satisfied with me. My plans for the future are to do some goals for myself, reach them, and then do the same. Exactly, I want to have a good job and a happy family. Thank you for your attention.

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Lead generation manager

February 2022 — Present
Potential customers search using LinkedIn, account management, communication with leads, database maintenance,optimization of potential clients search strategy if needed.

SMM Manager

April 2022 — August 2022
Main responsibilities were creation and promotion of pages on Twitter and Discord, searching the leads on Twitter and Discord, sending them templates, correspondence, and calling.


October 2019 — March 2020
Handling team conflict. Hiring and onboarding new employees. Ensuring and measuring guest satisfaction. Managing inventory. Conflict resolution with visitors. Managing finance.

Assistant Translator

May 2019 — September2019
Search for new customers. Client support by phone and email. Acquaintance of the company with clients, discussion of the orders, specification of the date of execution and the price of the orders. Sending the final result of the orders to the clients.
National Aviation Univeristy
General secondary education
2016 — 2021
Cisco Network Academy
General secondary education
2020 — 2021

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