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Artem P.

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Hello. My name is Artem, and I am 19. I live in one of the big cities of Ukraine, Dnipro. I study at the University of Customs and Finance. There are many different departments at the university. I studied at the department of innovative technologies for specialty cyber security. I have been playing hockey since I was four years old. For the last two years, I have played in the professional league on a contract. Hockey is a team game where you need dexterity, speed, strategy, physical fitness, and strength. And I have these qualities that’s why I consider hockey my job. I like my work, but due to the situation in my country, I have to move and try to find a new sphere. I wanted to be able to continue to play hockey as soon as possible. I have a lot of hobbies, for example, hockey, football, physical training, fishing, and relaxing. However, for me, the best relaxation is spent with my family. During the hockey games, there were many different situations, but I had to deal with them to achieve the best result. I love when everything goes well in my work, but it doesn’t work out the way you want. I pay attention to all the details. I like to be sure that everything is just right. I suppose that I can help you in solving your tasks and problems. Bye.

Work experience
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Lead generation manager

July 2022 — present
Looking for Influencers’ contacts in various social networks. Lead generation, establishing communication with new customers, providing information about the company.
BSFC hockey club


January 2021 — February 2022
University of Customs and Finance
Faculty of Cybersecurity
September 2020 — present

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