Artur S.

Lead generation manager

Most used skills and tools:
Data AnalysisData EntryData SearchGitHTMLSQLReactReduxCRMJavaScriptSCRUMGraphQLMobXFirebase

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Hello, my name is Artur. I am 20 years old, and I am from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I have been working as a junior frontend developer in one of Kharkiv’s IT companies for three months, but due to war, they decided not to expand, so we stopped cooperating. I wasn֦’t a member of the team. I was only a trainee, so I created some pet projects to get familiar with the technologies that this company used. I am an extrovert person, so I like working with people. I am an advanced computer user. I have a small YouTube channel, so I have some experience in managing one, and in the video montage. If we talk about whether I am a team person or an alone person, I can say that both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the size of the project. So if the project is small and it can be done by myself, on my own, then it is better to work alone because working in a team can cause some difficulties that can be avoided. But if it is a big project, it is better to work in a team, because it will make it possible to do. My plans for the future were kind of changed because of war, and I can not say what they are right now, but I can say it will depend on how the war will end and what will be after that. As I said before, I am an extrovert person, so it is easy for me to work with people. I guess that is it. Thank you.

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Lead Generation Manager

August 2022 — present
Looking for Influencers’ contacts in various social networks. Lead generation, establishing communication with new customers and providing information about the company.

Junior JavaScript Developer

July 2021 — present
Coding, using a computer to test code, evaluating the visual appearance, and ensuring that the overall design of the project meets industry standards.
Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics
Computer Science
September 2019 — present

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