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Daria B.

Lead generation manager

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My name is Dasha. I am 21. I am from Zaporizhzhia, but I have been living in Kyiv for four years. I am a recent graduate of Kyiv Polytechnic University. I worked as a sales manager in a company that sales of board games. So, I had to find the necessary information and make short and clear texts for people. I realized that I prefer working with text and information more, than with numbers. I also made simple reports in Excel. In my previous work, at university, we used Excel, Word, Google docs, and google sheets. We had a lot of analytical subjects like logistics or risk management, where we had to solve different exercises, using lots of formulas. These tasks helped me to improve my analytical skills. We also made lots of presentations. I usually made my presentations using Canva, because it’s quite a comfortable tool for this purpose. I never keep silent when something goes wrong, because even if I make a mistake, I will learn something new. I am also not afraid of critics because critics help me to improve myself, but my main strength is staying calm in every situation because I realize that panic and worries can ruin everything. My main weakness is to find different disadvantages in everything that I do, it’s some sort of pessimistic behavior, but I’m trying to deal with it.

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Lead Generation Manager

July 2022 — present
Looking for Influencers’ contacts in various social networks. Lead generation, establishing communication with new customers and providing information about the company.

Sales Manager

May 2021 — November 2021
Answering comments and questions on website of the company, communicating with customers in the shop, order processing.
Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Faculty of Management
September 2018 — June 2022

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