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Denys K.

Lead generation manager

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Hello everyone, my name is Denis, I’m 25, I was born and raised in Ukraine. Previously, I was working at Allo as a sales assistant manager, after that I realized that I need to change something and I got a job at a wholesale company as a brand manager. When I came face to face with difficulties, I was successful in solving them. In other words, if there are difficult life situations or situations at work, they help you harden your character, develop stress resistance, develop an understanding of responsibility for your actions. Basically, all these situations were related to clients and their problems with the devices. And at this moment you must take the situation under your control not succumb to emotions and this show you like a real professional. I have a great passion for creative work because I like to create something new. For example, in my previous work, I created numerous types of presentations. I also like to learn, new programs, new products, and so on. I can attribute that learning new is my hobby, and also strengthening knowledge about the old ones too. I can work both in a team or alone. Because when you change the type of work you can get out from the comfort zone, thereby contributing to the development of communicative skills and responsibility. I am looking for both a full-time and part time job because If the job matches my professional skills why shouldn’t I take it. Also, I am a very social person. When clients came to me with their problems I try to find a common language with them, and try to find solutions to their problems. In other words, I like to make every experience a positive one. It’s difficult to talk about a future now but I plan to master new skills and abilities that I can say in the near future that I’m a professional of wide profile. I graduated from a technical university, but I like humanities. In my work, I prefer the freedom of expression, I don’t like a total control of management. I consider myself a very responsible person. So, you can find me now, thank you for your attention!

Work experience

Lead Genration Manager

March 2022 — June 2022
Searching information with straight criteria, communicating with partners, provision of detailed reports.
Remote Helpers

Lead Generation Manager

April 2022 — present
Potential customers search via LinkedIn, account management, communication with leads, database maintenance, optimization of potential clients search strategy if needed.

Brand manager

July 2021 — February 2022
Listing, work with partners, online monitoring.

Sales Manager

September 2016 — July 2021
Work with 1C, work with clients, analytical thinking.
Dnipro National University of Railway Transport
Faculty of Automation telemechanics and communication
September 2015 — December 2019

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