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Looking for a Back-End Developer to join our team

Hi! My name is Alex. I’m 28 years old. I am a software developer. Also, I am a fool stage developer. I work with a site based on a CMS, WordPress. I have more than 10 years of experience and 3 of them are international. I worked with countries like America, Italy, Israel, and Spain. For me the relationship between me and the client is essential. I always try to get the question and solve the task best possible way. For each, I am carefully waiting for any action with this. My code includes setting facts, debugging, fixing any critical errors, Fixing any errors with the script, and plugging, any components of the site based on WordPress. Also, I can write any plugging and can write any channels or templates for them. I can write anything you want. I use this toolkit. My main instrument is programming languages such as PHP. Also, I use JS, JQuery, HTML, MariaDB, and other program languages. If it’s needed, also, I can connect to any API. I worked before with Google Analytics and Google Script. Also, I worked and developed some software for Telegram Bot.  I have plenty of experience as I said before.
Work experience
    • Codja (Developer)
    • November 2021 - December 2021
    • An object-oriented to the client website developing from scratch on wordpress.
    • Remote Helpers (Back-end developer)
    • November 2018 — present
    • Design of the application architecture at the software level, programming and configuration of the core of the site, developing of the platform and fundamental functionality of the site or application.Working with monetization of plugins, developing an online store, developing the form constructor, maintaining five servers with constantly functioning sites on them.
    • NiApp (Developer)
    • October 2020 - October 2021
    • Serving sites made on WP and sharing plugins for them
    • Velis Media (Web Developer)
    • August 2020 — September 2020
    • Reanimation of domains, tracking user actions on domains, writing several plugins for internal corporate use of this company, editing domain styles to match their original templates.
    • Bright Rocket Digital AB (Web Developer)
    • September 2019 — August 2020
    • Debugging, writing modular and integration tests, optimizing and extending the functionality of the existing code.
    • Freelance (Web Developer)
    • September 2016 — November 2018
    • Creation of attractive and functional websites.
    • Donetsk National University (Computer technologies)
    • September 2009 — June 2015 | Master

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