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App building is made easy with a Back-End Developer

Hello! My name is Arseniy, I am 31. I currently live and work in Lviv, Ukraine. I work as an analyst, and also I have some skills as a Python backend developer. At the company, I work on analyzing sales data for the last year and analyzing site usage data in Google Analytics in the Data Studio. Recently I got involved in the project of making a chatbot to help get into work for our new hires. I have experience working with Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Analytics. As a web developer, I have experience with Python language and Flask frameworks. On the chatbot project to help our new hires, my responsibilities were to implement the work logic of the bot, guide people through creating and setting up accounts, providing answers to frequent questions, and collecting feedback. Right now, I am working on adding neural network functionality to the bot to be more responsive to users. I am studying Javascript and how to create Web API. Before RemoteHelpers, I worked as a site foreman at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol. I am a methodical worker, not afraid to work with new and complex problems, and have excellent learning agility. I hope we can work together and achieve great results. Thank you for your time.

Software development

Developing architecture and backend

Translations of business correspondence

Making report

Registration of documentation

Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Back-end Developer, Analyst)
    • March 2022 — present
    • Developing architecture and backend for a new web and mobile platform from scratch, implementing new services/features as a backend developer, contributing to all phases of software development life cycle, and following industry best practices
    • Avis-East (Manager)
    • January 2019 — August 2019
    • Registration of documentation for deliveries of materials. Translations of business correspondence, reporting.
    • EF SET certificate (C2 Proficient)
    • December 2021 | General secondary education
    • Stepik platform (Python course)
    • 2020 | General secondary education
    • Metallurgical Vocational School (Faculty of technology)
    • September 2009 — July 2019 | Bachelor

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