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Hi, my name is Artem, I'm 31, and I have come a long way. First of all, I was born and raised in Ukraine, the city of Donetsk. My first specialization is accounting and auditing. In this area, I held the positions of a bank clerk, assistant accountant, and auditor. At the moment I have valid qualification certificates as an expert appraiser and bankruptcy manager. For the past 7 years, design has been my hobby and an additional source of income. I really like it and I decided to make design my main craft. I have been working with Remote Helpers for more than a year, in  position of a designer, a project manager, sometimes helping in legal and accounting field. In the field of design, I also have quite a lot of experience. This is a design of any printing products, outdoor advertising, branding, as well as a web design from  social networks to corporate sites and the development of complex interfaces and systems. I am constantly evolving and right now getting a front end developing specialization. I can’t fully list the technologies and skills that I own, because it will take a lot of time. Of the main ones, one can single out work with any raster and vector graphics, create wireframes, layouts, transfer them to HTML, CSS, and java script code, and much more. I am very attentive to details, following the trends, using the latest technologies, and trying to achieve the most ideal results in everything that I do. These traits helped me to became a Head of Front-end developers. Well, how can I help you? You decide. Now you know how to find me. Bye!


Project management


Team management

Assessment of knowledge

Team building

Creating html layouts

Creating a wordpress theme

Website technical support

Printing design development

Promotional product design

Design of social networks

Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Head of Front-end developer)
    • February 2019 — present
    • Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs.
    • Dino-Tech Solution (Front-end developer)
    • August 2020 — April 2021
    • Developing and supporting of web-applications that are part of a large platform, participating in the implementation of the architecture of new web-applications, integrationing of front-end solutions with ASP.NET Core back-end.
    • Mriya Studio (Art Director)
    • September 2014 — June 2017
    • Developing design of goods and their packaging, visual concept of the brand, maintaining of the company’s website, preparationing of printing and standing for exhibitions.
    • Delta Bank (Loan officer)
    • September 2014 — June 2017
    • Counseling, credit checking, drafting contracts, monitoring of the performance of obligations.
    • FreeCodeCamp (Responsive Web Design)
    • January 2020 — March 2020 | Technical and vocational education
    • GeekBrains (Introduction to programming and web design)
    • June 2019 — November 2019 | Technical and vocational education
    • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Arbitration Manager (property manager, managing of readjustment, liquidation))
    • June 2014 — June 2017 | General secondary education
    • State Property Fund of Ukraine, Ukrainian Society of Appraisers (Accredited Property Appraiser)
    • November 2011 — June 2012 | Technical and vocational education
    • Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhailo Tugan-Baranovsky (Accounting and Auditing)
    • September 2006 — June 2009 | Bachelor
    • Donetsk Polytechnic College (Finance)
    • September 2003 — June 2006 | Technical and vocational education
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