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Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Front-End Developer)
    • 04-2023 - present
    • Adaptive and cross-browser site layout, updating existing projects and improving their usability, creating reactive components, writing scripts, support, and developing the current architecture based on widgets and components.
    • Freelance (Front-end Developer)
    • 03-2022 - 04-2023
    • Development of landing pages as well as many page sites. Development of turnkey websites, adapting them to various devices and landing them on the CMS
    • TOV Kond-Klass, Kharkiv(Sales, purchases) (Engineer)
    • 18-08-2021 - 05-12-2022
    • Setting up and debugging, automatic equipment.
    • State Railway University of railway transport (Automation and computer telecontrol of trains)
    • 01-09-2020 - Present | Student
    • Sololearn (Frontend)
    • 08-12-2021 - 26-04-2022 | Technical and vocational education

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