How you can help Ukraine and Remote Helpers

The main mission of our company is to help dedicated Ukrainian specialists find jobs. However, if you don’t need an employee right now, there are other options you can contribute to us and our employees.

A list of ways you may help us

  • Place our banner on your website.
    Here you can find ready-to-place banners.
  • Mention us on your social networks.
    You may use the same banners or make a repost from our Instagram.
  • Post an article about RH on your blog.
    If you wish to choose this method, our copywriters will be glad to help you write a short article.
  • Post a link to us on your website or social media.
    It can be a brief reference along with a link.
  • Download a video about RH on your channel.
    You don’t need to create anything new, just upload our prepared clip.
  • Tell your friends about us.
    Advise us to those who also have their own business or are looking for a new employee.

Become our affiliate partner

If you have an extensive customer base who may be interested in our services, we offer you to join our affiliate program. You can earn a commission if we arrange cooperation with your client.

Choose your option and support us

Feel free to contact our managers if you have any questions about ways of help.
We will be happy to assist you. 

Want to contribute?

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