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The dedicated PR managers deal with reputation management to increase brand awareness by developing relations with the public via media channels.

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Many organizations need public relations to keep in touch with potential customers and show the company’s strengths. To achieve these goals, PR managers offer different kinds of services

Press release distribution

Distributing press releases is the process that helps you to connect and engage with target audiences across the globe.

Increasing brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness establishes brand trust. To create it, the PR specialists develop promotion strategies and use them on different social media platforms.
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Begin your cooperation with our PR team now!

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Public relations managers will help you create effective product promotion tactics to attract potential customers’ attention to your brand. The type of worker depends on the sphere of promotion.

Media Relations Manager

The Media Relations Manager develops and executes innovative communication strategies to support the firm’s trademark and prestige.

Reputation Specialist

The reputation specialists should keep a watch on all activities related to the project’s prominence. Employees create reputation strategies to increase the customers’ loyalty to the brand.

Digital PR Manager

Digital promotion managers are in charge of planning and managing marketing campaigns that promote a company's label, products and services on social networks.

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    We are searching for a remote manager to monitor and establish public relations. You will develop promotion strategies and use them on different social media platforms to hit brand awareness and reputation goals, both short-term and long-term. We also need you to know the basics of PR management and B1+ English. We’re looking forward to working with you!