Hire an affiliate manager to acquire trustworthy partners

Our Affiliate managers provide performance marketing services such as developing a marketing strategy, up-to-date management, creation of partnership strategy

Our managers offer a variety of performance marketing services

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine business development without performance marketing services. Monitoring affiliate activity increases the level of brand awareness and, accordingly, the level of income

Maintaining Customer Relationships

Recruiting new business partners can drive revenue growth and efficiency improvement of the business. Ongoing communication with partners is a guarantee of the well-coordinated work of the company.

Researching Market Trends

Marketer maintains the creative units and promotions and analyses new market trends in different business spheres.

Marketing campaign development

Marketers promote products or services by placing links on other companies’ websites. They create a marketing campaign plan, analyze the target audience and control advertisement implementation.
Want to get an affiliate manager?

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Lead generation manager, Affiliate manager

Want to get an affiliate manager?

Look at the types of available outsourcing affiliate marketers

Maintaining a good relationship with business partners is usually a complex process. Become familiar with the types of marketers out there and what they focus on.

Affiliate marketing manager

Managers are responsible for maintaining a good relationship with customers and business partners, helps to focus on developing connections between promotions and predict its effectiveness.

PPC affiliate marketer

This employee shows the ads on your platforms for the company’s product advertisement. With this form of advertising, payment is made for each click (transition to the site).

Content affiliate manager

Content performance marketing includes working with partners to increase revenue, proposing content writing services to capture visitors’ attention, and convert them into potential partners.

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    Affiliate manager wanted at our company!

    At this position, you will be the one responsible for developing a marketing strategy, working with management teams to execute and close new affiliate deals, researching market trends, and maintaining customer relationships. Our requirements are the basics of affiliate management and an intermediate level of English. Apply today!