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Olha M.

Web designer

Most used skills and tools:
Photoshop (Ps)Illustrator (Ai)After Effects (Ae)Lightroom (Lr)Premiere Pro (Pr)FigmaTrello

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full-time price *


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Hello, my name is Olga. I am 25. I live in Khmelnytskyi. I’ve been working as a freelance designer for more than two years. Also, I have experience in teaching design at Computer Academy. I learned to minimize mentioned understandings. Now I always negotiate terms, prices. I brief my clients. Sometimes I show them, using some references. And it helps me. My hobby is dancing. It charges me with energy. I like the most creating landing pages. Also, I like creating ads. All my work is on the computer. I work with Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, social networks, Internet. In the past, I had to deal with content for two business accounts on Instagram. I like working in a team. Cause I can interact with the group and that’s cool. But, also, it’s okay for me working alone. I’m always improving my skills. I’m working for results. No, I am not a workaholic. Because my work inspires me. I’m looking for a full-time or a part-time job. My plans for the future are to become a real professional with great projects and satisfied clients. My principles are to value my time, be honest with other people and with myself. Sometimes I can be slow. But in deadlines. But I am very creative and purposeful. In my work, the hardest thing for me, as a freelancer, I’m always searching for new projects, new clients on different sites, and it’s really hard for me. That’s why I want to work in a company. Everything else, I like my job. So, that’s all, thank you for your attention. Bye-bye.

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Web designer, Graphic designer

December 2021 – present
  • Logo design
  • Landing page design
  • Creation of graphic ads for social networks
  • Qemie

    UI/UX designer

    April 2022 – November 2022
  • Work with the design system
  • Design for training courses
  • Freelance

    UI/UX designer

    February 2021 – present
  • Mobile application design
  • Website and mobile applications prototyping
  • Freelance

    Graphic designer

    January 2019 – present
  • Creation of a logo and corporate identity
  • Printing design
  • Preparation of layouts for printing
  • Design of banners for outdoor advertising
  • Business cards design
  • Flyers & posters design
  • Creation of design for social networks
  • Negotiation with clients
  • Education
    Khmelnytsky National University
    International relationship
    September 2014 – June 2019
    Computer Academy STEP
    Web Design (UI/UX)
    Technical and vocational education
    Author's course Valkov V
    Freelancer Graphic Designer
    Technical and vocational education
    Event banner
    Poster design
    Logo design
    Vector illustration
    Furniture landing page
    Landing page design
    Graphic design
    Taxi Park landing page
    Event poster
    Banners for Asian Products
    Menu design
    Migration app

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