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Radyslav Sh.

Lead generation manager

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Hi everyone! My name is Radyslav. I’m 18. I’m a student at Aerospace University KHAI in Kharkiv. So, now I want to tell you about myself. Firstly, I have already had some experience as a researcher in an American company for several months. My dues included searching for different companies on the platforms such as Linkedin, and CrunchBase, and creating tables with necessary information. For example, there were accounts and emails of bosses and information for analyzing companies, such as location, size, and products. I took my due too seriously and always completed the work on time. But because of the situation in our country, this project was frozen due to ties with the aggressor country. I’m not used to giving up so now I’m looking for a suitable job. Shortly, I hope to become a good HR manager. So I would like to learn more about this work process from the very beginning in a company with a friendly atmosphere, projects, and advice and development. If you ask me about my hobbies, I can say that I love learning English. I read many books and articles, chat with native speakers, and watch movies and cartoons in English. Furthermore, I’m interested in cars, so I like reading articles about new models and technologies almost every day. By the way, thanks to my experience as a researcher, I have gained excellent communication skills. I can get along with any team and even create a positive atmosphere. Also, I have good writing and analytical skills because my previous job required them. So I’m still trying to improve them due to tests and videos. Of course, like most of us, I have some weaknesses. For instance, there is a lack of knowledge in some areas. Sometimes I feel so bad when I can’t find the correct solution. And frankly speaking, I am often nervous about my projects, and because of it, I ignore my rest. But I hope I will manage with it. To sum up, I want to thank you for your time, and I’m looking forward to our fruitful cooperation.

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Lead Generation Manager

July 2022 — present
Potential customers search using LinkedIn, account management, communication with leads, database maintenance,optimization of potential clients search strategy if needed.


February 2021 — March 2022
Search companies on LinkedIn, Crunchbase and similar platforms, analyze information and create a table with the necessary information for the company.
Kharkiv Aviation Institute
Faculty of Applied Linguistics
September 2021 — present

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