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We are a Ukrainian company Remote Helpers, an innovative team in the world of HR! We know for sure that a strong team is the key to success! First of all, we are looking for talents and common values ​​of employees within our company, so we can safely say that we are pretty demanding in hiring. To date, we have helped to find the most talented specialists for more than 100 companies. Every day we read your positive reviews, and we want to share one of them with you!

Not so long ago, we collaborated with one interesting project, namely Hans Van Der Laan, CEO and founder of Finance4Learning. Here’s what he said about working with Remote Helpers: “Benefits are reiterate the quick hiring, you know, you have a couple of candidates, BOOM, that works at a very cost-efficient manner.” 

It’s impressive how exactly two of our candidates fit the client’s needs. Hans Van Der Laan needed people in the marketing department to help with blogs and other daily tasks. “Catherine is wonderful if you run into problems or whatever, like you tell us something here, okay, she cops answers, she very clever” and “And lately, I started working with us only a few days ago with Anastasia, and she is helping me out with blogs. And so she’s been accommodating going through them and sorting them and making them up to date again so that there’s really great help from a marketing point of view.”
And the last phrase for today from our client, which brings a smile: “Yeah, satisfied for the purposes? Absolutely, yeah, you’re doing a good job. I’m an absolute pleasure.” Thanks to such reviews, we understand how much we are doing the right job, and the desire to work appears instantly! Have you had experience with our company? If not, you have a great opportunity; just follow the link

The full version of video resume from Hans VAN DER LAAN ( CEO of Finance4Learning ) you can find here:

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