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Sahib K.

Lead generation manager

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full-time price *


Hire our junior Java developer for your ideas!

My name is Sahib. I’m from Baku, Azerbaijan. My past experiences are mostly in Java and MySQL database management, I made a few desktop applications Java and SQLite, and MySQL. I handle difficult situations pretty well, I think, I am not a very aggressive person. Though I can be irritated when I have to repeat myself a few times. I can do maintaining the legacy code as well as write something new. That’s not a problem for me. I just would like to work with things, I know how to work with. My main hobbies include writing and drawing. I can also add reading, I have almost no online experience. I prefer to work alone. I can work with the team if need be. But I usually prefer to keep it to myself. I am a hard-working individual. I love what I do. And if given the right opportunity, I can do more work in a smaller amount of time. My plans and my goals actually one and the same as I just want to grow as a professional. One of the biggest principles of my life is to not lie. I will never lie to anybody, to myself, to my relatives.

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Full Stack developer

June 2022 — present
Optimizing the user experience, using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to bring concepts to life, and developing and maintaining the user interface.
Bitrone MMC

Specialist of Technical department

May 2020 — present
1C integration and support

Java Developer

October 2017 — November 2018
Java Developing, designing, prototyping and writing stand-alone PC applications Integration of databases and DBMS
AsComp MMC

IT intern

May 2016 — September 2016
Testing computers and installing software, technical maintenance of computers, resolving hardware problems of computers (testing computer parts and replacing with new)
Azerbaijan Technical University
Business Data Analytics
September 2021 — present
Baku State University
Technical and vocational education
September 2017 — June 2021

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