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Hello everyone, my name is Bohdana, and I'm 21 years old and I'm a student of the faculty of computer science and project management in western Ukrainian National University and now I live in Ternopil. During my studying, I had an opportunity to participate different project especially I participate in one international project of augmented reality and digital transformation which took place in Germany and last year I participated in a third international project which took place at our university. So I worked as a freelancer, making different types of sites on WordPress , and have experience in making two sites. I like working on new something, finding new information, and meeting with new people also, I like creating different types of things, different projects, and something interesting and beautiful. My hobby is reading books, and I often have my mom to bake cakes for orders. Also second, my hobby is traveling. I can work both alone and in a team, it all depends on the work I must do or the task. The most important thing it is to do work in time and efficiently. I want to be part of your team because I'm always functional, sociable, and easily learn something new and take and put it into practice. I'm looking for a full-time job I will be happy to be a part of your team.
Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Lead generation manager)
    • February 2021 — present
    • Search for potential clients, establish relationships with clients in social networks. Lead generation, providing information about the company.
    • Visual Composer ( community manager)
    • April 2021 - April 2022.
    • Worked on the "Visual Composer" project, where I held the position of community manager. My tasks include: Identify WordPress page builder and website builder related articles on the web and communicate with the authors (or resource owners) to include Visual Composer Website Builder Identify WordPress related articles with "must-have" plugin shortlists on the web and communicate with the authors (or resource owners) to include Visual Composer Website Builder Identify discussions on social networks (Facebook, Quora) related to WordPress builders and incorporate Visual Composer into the conversation in natural and smart ways Act like an active Visual Composer user within the social networks (Facebook, Quora) and highlight the benefits of the plugin from the user perspective Identify articles (on the web) and discussions (on social media) related to Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder confusion. Contact authors (or resource owners) to adjust information. Either change the naming (people tend to describe WPBakery, but name it Visual Composer) or convert the article to Visual Composer Website Builder review. Identify and contact high-quality WordPress-related resources and ask to create an article about Visual Composer Website Builder Document all activities and stages in HubSpot CRM. I also engaged in outreach, where I contacted the owners of various plugins or blogs that were mentioned in the site's blog and asked them to add a link to the Visual Composer product site. I worked on this project for a year. Then I learned to search for keywords and worked in the company on internal projects for 4 months. I learned how to create a customer persona and analyze competitors.
    • Turning Point Brands (QA)
    • October 2022 - present
    • My tasks are testing states in the backend and frontend on Shopify, creating inventory reports, tax reports and calculating large orders for clients.
    • West Ukrainian National University, Ternopil (Faculty of computer science and information technology.)
    • September 2016 — June 2020 | Bachelor

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