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Hire a Lead Generation Manager to drive your sales

Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Lead generation manager)
    • June 2022 – present
    • Searching for potential customers around the world, creating a cold customer contact database by segment, maintaining a customer base, keeping up with existing customers, generation of required number of leads for sales department
    • SkyTel Networks Inc (Lead generation manager)
    • July 2022 – September 2022
    • I used to search for leads on LinkedIn in Canada and USA and add them to the Zendesk CRM system and spreadsheets. I got great experience with Zendesk Sell (Sales) and can easily operate with it.
    • OK.Studentam (Author of student works)
    • January 2022 – February 2022
    • Festival Info (Assistant, sales manager, work manager with customers)
    • My responsibilities include communicating with clients both live and online, and advising on various issues as needed. Also was engaged in registration of orders, a call for the purpose of their confirmation.
    • Odessa National Mechnikov University (Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, English Language and Literature)
    • September 2020 — June 2025 | Student

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