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Reach potential customers with a Lead Generation Specialist

Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Lead generator)
    • October 2023 - present
    • Search for potential clients, establish relationships with clients on social networks. Lead generation, providing information about the company.
    • Nikopol secondary school (English teacher)
    • August 1998 - December 2021
    • Developing and delivering English lessons in a timely manner time in the timetable. Planning and implementing effective classroom management practices. Creating and maintaining a positive and safe learning environment. Preparation of teaching materials. Organizing and conducting extracurricular activities for students.
    • Nikopol secondary school (Deputy headmaster of the school)
    • September 2011 - December 2021
    • Collaboration with the school principal to determine the priorities and goals of the educational institution. Organization of the educational process at the school, management and control over its development. Organization of methodological work at the school. Organization and holding of meetings, conferences, pedagogical councils, methodological events in the educational institution. Maintaining business records of the institution, preparing reports, minutes, and current documentation. Keeping records of employees' working hours and preparing time sheets. Performing daily tasks and special projects as needed.
    • Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o., Brno (Editor)
    • April 2022 - April 2023
    • Work in a project to create a Ukrainian language dictionary. Proofreading and editing of headings (keywords) of the dictionary. Determining word forms of words. Determining the meanings of words. Correction and editing of word usage examples. Translation of vocabulary examples into English.
    • Horlivka State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (English Language )
    • September 1993 - June 1998 | Master
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