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Serhii H.

Lead generation manager

Most used skills and tools:
Data EntryData SearchCRM

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Hello! My name is Serhii, I’m 22 years old. I was born in Ukraine. I live in Kryvyi Rih. Recently, I learned to be a programmer, a Bachelor’s degree. From an early age, I worked in the restaurant industry. Communicating with people in my work is a hobby for me, but now due to that situation in our country, I had left to be without a job. In this regard, I decided to change the field of activities. Even at school, it was interesting for me, and it was easy to learn, but it was impossible for me to continue studying. Someone said it’s better late than never, so that’s why I’m recording this video for you now. Everyone has both advantages and disadvantages. As for me, I know that I’m young and never had experience in this area, but on another side I’m young, and I am fast at solving some problems. It’s easier for me to learn something new, and I have more creative skills than people who are older than me. I’m open to the new, so I want to be a part of your team. I will be very glad if you consider me being a part of your company because the future is built on the young generation. Thank you for your attention!

Work experience
Remote Helpers

Lead Generation Manager

March 2022 — present
Search for potential clients, establish relationships with clients in social networks. Lead generation, providing information about the company.
Kryvyi Rih Professional College OF National Aviation University
Faculty of Computer Science, Software Development
September 2015 — July 2021

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