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Hire a Recruiter and get recruiting services such as recruiting on social media, interviewing, and onboarding employees for an affordable price

Take a look at the recruiting services our candidates provide

Recruitment managers help to hire talent for a company, research competitors and the labor market, and schedule interviews. see what recruiting services you can get.

Sourcing candidates through social media

Headhunters provide recruiting on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and can easily maintain high-profile relationships with active and passive candidates.

Interviewing candidates

Managers provide digital recruiting and use technology to grow a company's teams. They conduct a video conference to screen and interview candidates.

Onboarding new employees

Recruitment managers provide virtual onboarding of new hires and deliver an overview of the company, its products, and services so new employees don't feel neglected.
Ready to hire a Virtual Recruiter?
Ready to hire a Virtual Recruiter?

Check out the types of recruiters our company can propose

Choose the right type of recruiter to meet your hiring goals and waste no time looking through thousands of CVs or interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Management Recruiter

Staff search and management selection of corporate executives such as deputy supervisors, directors of the department, or narrow specialists, who may also fill middle management and sales positions.

Executive Recruiter

Executive search and hiring of high-level executives, preparing and sending job offers and recruitment emails to qualified candidates.


Headhunting and attracting candidates with specific professional skills among competitor companies through databases, online employment forums, and social media.

Examine the services of virtual recruiters for any purpose

Virtual Recruiters work remotely in any business sphere and headhunt even passive candidates who are not looking for job offers but have skills perfectly suited to a position in a specific company.

Recruiter for eCommerce

Managers help online retailers and e-commerce companies identify future hiring needs and hire talents who will drive the organization's growth and success.

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