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Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Account manager)
    • November 2020 - present
    • Supporting the development and implementation of accounting initiatives and systems, providing counseling on policies and procedures, being actively involved in payrolls and invoices creation and payments etc.
    • Hog Slut, Ternopol, Ukraine (Supply Manager)
    • September 2018 - October 2019
    • Working with suppliers incl. European partners, sales analysis in 1C accounting software, planning of purchasing, working with reclamations, making inventories, organizing cargo transportations, preparing respective documentation.
    • Agrosem Ltd., Smykivtsy vil., Ukraine (Logistics manager)
    • November 2017 - March 2018
    • Monitoring cargo transportations market, organizing cargo transportation by trucks, controlling providing transport for loading, transporting and rendering to the target customers, keeping the respective documentation, working with actual partners-cargo transporters and searching for new partners.
    • Epicenter K Ltd., Ukraine (Financial economist)
    • November 2007 - November 2016
    • Analysis of the company’s economic and financial activities, control over meeting the planned economic rates of the company, control over timely supply of the goods, clearing out the reasons for delays and insufficient supplies, forming requests on import orders for the Foreign activity department, forming the timeline for inventories, control over organization and conduction of inventories, filling inventory data in the tables and controlling over its accuracy, control over the goods’ profitability, control over the remaining goods quantity, control over the goods arrival and registration and return, control over meeting conditions for the goods storage, taking decisions on goods revaluation and write-off, analysis of goods without movement, participation in taking decisions on the goods that are not being sold and control over the implementation of such decisions, checking mutual accounts with the suppliers.
    • Pravex Bank, Kiev, Ukraine (Economist for cooperation with legal entities)
    • October 2006 - arch 2007
    • Opening and closing accounts for the legal entities, analysing documentation for taking decisions on opening the account for the legal entities.
    • Vanguard Ukraine, daughter enterprise (Economist)
    • April 2006 - September 2006
    • Long Term prognosis and planning, processing the initial documentation, making reports and analysing the company’s operation.
    • Ternopol National Economic University, Ukraine (Foreign Economic activities management)
    • September 2001 — August 2006 | Master
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